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Penguin Hover Ball  (5)
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IDEAL for you're Carnival or Winter Event!

Penguin Hover Ball



It’s Party Time Jumping Castles is excited to introduce this great looking, playful and fun game, for your Carnival or Winter Event. The penguins need your help to knock the hovering balls from above their heads. This game is sure to bring out the competitive spirit in everyone from kids to adults.  Try out your archery skills using a bow and soft tip arrows to hit the hovering balls and knock them away. Or Throw our soft pretend Snow Balls,  Either way it’s a great game to see how many balls each player can eliminate in the allotted time period. Fun to watch and fun to play! 





            Size               1.4mL x 3mW x 3.2 High


Area Required

5m x 7m


Set up Indoors or an Outdoor Area

Supervised Event Hire

Package Deals Available


Single or Two Player Game

Ages 5 and Up

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